Outlook CalDav Sync with Linux Horde Webmail

1) First need to download and install the extension Outlook CalDav Synchronizer


    After you have installed it on your computer, you need to restart Outlook. The extension will then be 

    visible in Outlook as a tab in the blue ribbon at the top.

2) Open Outlook and click CalDav Synchronizer, Click Synchronization Profiles and setup the new profile 

3) Enter the server settings

4) To obtain the server settings for DAV URL:

    Login to cPanel -> Email Accounts -> Choose on the Email Account -> Configure Calendars and 

    Contacts ->  Direct URLs for Calendars and Contacts         

   May get the URL from Secure SSL/TLS URLs or Non-SSL/TLS URLs on Calendar

   Username: Full email address 

   Password: Email account password

5) Your calendar is now set up. Any changes made in Outlook or Webmail will be synced automatically every 5 minutes.

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