Limiting Access to Account / Backup Management Web Console

You can limit access to the web account / backup management console by specifying a list of IP addresses allowed to log in.

To limit access to the web interface

  1. Log in to the account management console
  2. Select a group for which you want to limit the access.
  3. Click Settings > Security.
  4. Select the Enable logon control check box.
  5. In Allowed IP addresses, specify the allowed IP addresses.

    You can enter any of the following parameters, separated by a semicolon:

    • IP addresses, for example
    • IP ranges, for example
    • Subnets, for example
  6. Click Save.

This restriction is not applied to the members of the child groups.

Important : Using incorrect IP addresses will prevent you to log on for all members of your group. If you are locked, please submit support request at

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