Acronis Backup Cloud is web-based applications. To back up your data, you only need to install a Backup Agent on your machine. You can manage and monitor system protection with a web-based console.

You may access your web-based console via

Login with the backup account.

1. Having an active Backup Account you can install the software. Click Manage backups:


2. Click Add


3. Depending on the machine and data you want to back up, select and download respective installation file:

  • Windows
  • Run the installation file and select Install agents:


  • Sign in to your Backup Account. Provide your Backup Account credentials


  • Review the default installation settings and adjust them if necessary, else just finish the default installation.


  • Now when you have the Agent installed, the computer/server/vm is available in Backup Management Console and you can back up your data:


  • Linux
  • To add the Acronis Backup modules to Linux kernel, setup program needs the following Linux packages:
  • Package for building kernel modules. Package version must match kernel version.
  • GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) compiler system. GCC version must be the one with which the kernel was compiled.
  • Make tool.
  • The following table lists how to install the required packages in various Linux distributions.


            For ubuntu, please run this # apt-get install rpm prior to the agent installation.

  • Download the Linux 32/64Bit installer to local terminal.
  • Use SCP/SFTP tools (login as root), upload to the server directory eg /root/installer/
  • Chmod 755 the installer filename.bin
  • ./filename.bin (to run the file)
  • Accept the terms of license agreement.
  • Specify the backup account credentials
  • Now when you have the agent installed, the computer/server/vm is available in the Backup Management Console and you can backup up.

  • OS X
  • Download the installer and click to install it.
  • Provide the backup account credentials
  • When you have the agent installed, the Mac will appear on the backup management console.


  • Mobile devices
  • In GooglePlay or AppStore, search and download Acronis Backup.
  • After installation, login with the backup account credentials and you can start the backup.