Backup of Mobile Devices

  • To back up and recover the data on your mobile devices, use the backup app installed on your mobile devices.

            Supported mobile devices 

  • Smartphones and tablets running Android 4.1 or later.
  • iPhones, iPads, and iPods running iOS 8 or later.

            What you can back up 

  • Contacts
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Calendars
  • Text messages (only on Android devices)
  • Reminders (only on iOS devices)


             What you need to know 

  • You can back up the data only to the cloud storage.If an SD card is present, the data stored on this card is also backed up.
  • Any time you open the app, you see the summary of data changes and can start a backup manually.
  • The Continuous backup functionality is enabled by default. In this mode, the backup app checks for the data changes every six hours and runs a backup automatically if some data has changed. You can turn off continuous backup or change it to Only when charging in the app settings.
  • You can access the backed-up data from any mobile device registered under your account. This helps you transfer the data from an old mobile device to a new one. Contacts and photos from an Android device can be recovered to an iOS device and vice versa. You can also download a photo, video, or contact to a computer by using the backup console.
  • In the backup app, you can recover the data only from the latest backup. If you need to recover from older backups, use the backup console on either a tablet or a computer.
  • Retention rules are not applied to backups of mobile devices. If the storage quota is exceeded, you can delete backups manually by using the backup console.

To obtain the mobile apps

  • IOS – open AppStore, search for Acronis Backup, download and install
  • Android - open GooglePlay, search for Acronis Backup, download and install


            To start backing up 

1. After the backup app is installed, open it.

2. Sign in with your account.

3. Tap Create backup.

4. Select the data categories that you want to back up. By default, all categories are selected.

5. Tap Start Backup.

6. [Only on iOS devices] Allow the app access to your personal data.

            To access data via the backup console 

1. On a computer, open a browser and type the backup console URL.

2. Sign in with your account.

3. In All devices, select your mobile device name, and then click Recovery.

4. Select the recovery point.

5. Select the data category, and then select the data item. You can preview text messages, photos, and contacts.

6. [Optional] Click Download to download a photo, a video, or a contact.


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