How to secure a [] with an SSL certificate on Plesk

Default Plesk offer SSL/TLS encryption for Plesk mail server with hostname which can be configure by following this guide. What if users wish to stuck with the use of [] in email client?  There is alternative solution which can be done by follow these steps in Plesk panel:

1. Log into Plesk

2. Click Add Subdomain.

3. Specify the following:

- In the Subdomain name box, type the portion of address as [ mail ] that will be added to the domain name of your main site.

- In the Document root box, keep it as default path as it will auto generated and usually will be

4. Click OK and the new subdomain name [ ] is now shown in the list at the bottom of the screen.

5. Click "SSL/TLS Certificates" under Security under the Dashboard of the new sub-domain [ ]

6. Scroll to the bottom and Click "Install a free basic certificate provided by Let's Encrypt" under More options.

7. Specify the following:

- Email address : Fill in the email address to receive renewal notifications or warnings

- Tick to Secure the domain name just for [ ]

8. Click "Get it Free" and it will further install the Let's Encrypt SSL for [ ] 

9. Access to the Mail tab for the primary domain [ ] and click "Mail Settings"

10. Scroll down to the option "SSL/TLS certificate for mail" and choose the SSL "Lets Encrypt"

11. Click "OK" and you are fine to proceed with the mailbox setup with SSL/TLS in the email client. Do make sure to using appropriate ports IMAP: 993, POP3: 995, SMTP: 465.

If you got any inquiries of facing any related issue during the setup, may send us an email at ( ) for advise and assistance.

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