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How to schedule a task in Plesk for Linux

There are two types of scheduled tasks in Plesk:

  • Customer scheduled tasks. This type of task can be created by both Customers and Administrators. They are executed on behalf of a system user. Such tasks do not provide access to the filesystem outside of the document root of the website.
  • Administrator scheduled tasks. This type of task can be created by Administrators only. They are executed on behalf of the root user. Such tasks provide write access to the whole filesystem.

  1. Log into Plesk.

  2. Navigate to Domains > > Scheduled tasks ( Customer scheduled tasks ) or Tools & Settings > Scheduled Tasks ( Administrator scheduled tasks )

  3. Click Add task and set specify Run parameter to Cron style.

  4. Fill in the Run text field with cron-style time syntax, for example:

    * */4 * * *

  5. Fill in the Command text field with the cron command, for example:

    /usr/bin/echo "my message"


* To do it through CLI (Command-line interface), the crontab system utility can be usedcrontab(1) — Linux manual page

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