How to use WordPress Toolkit in Plesk

Wordpress Toolkit is a single management interface that enables you to easily install, configure, and manage Wordpress. It is available if the Wordpress Toolkit extension is install in Plesk.

WordPress Installation with Plesk 

  1.  Log into Plesk
  2. In the left sidebar, click WordPress. The WordPress Toolkit page 
  3. On the Instances tab, you can manage your WordPress installations
    • To install a new instance of WordPress, click Install, and then click Install (Quick) or click Install (Custom).
    • To locate all WordPress instances on your account, click Scan.
    • To check for WordPress updates, click Updates.
    • To manage security for your WordPress instances, click Security.
    • There are many additional options for each WordPress instance listed.

  4. On the Plugins tab you can manage WordPress plugins: 
    • To install a plugin, click Install.
    • To upload a plugin, click Upload plugin.
    • To activate a plugin, click Activate.
    • To deactivate a plugin, click Deactivate.
    • To uninstall a plugin, click Uninstall.
    • To update a plugin, click Update.

  5. On the Themes tab you can manage WordPress themes:
    • To install a theme, click Install.
    • To upload a theme, click Upload theme.
    • To uninstall a theme, click Uninstall.
    • To update a theme, click Update.

Quick access for Wordpress Toolkit

  1. Log in to Plesk
  2. In the left sidebar, click Websites & Domains
  3. Scroll to the management area for the domain where WordPress is installed.
  4. Click any of the following options in the toolbar:

    WordPress Toolkit toolbar

    • To log in to WordPress, click Log In.
    • To run a security check on the WordPress installation, click Check Security.
    • To manage plugins for the WordPress installation, click Plugins.
    • To manage themes for the WordPress installation, click Themes.
    • To clone the WordPress installation, click Clone.
    • To synchronize a WordPress instance with another instance, click Sync.

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