1. Let’s make sure the extension has been properly licensed for your Plesk license key by validating Plesk Additional License Keys with below steps;
    • Log in Plesk
    • Tools & Settings
    • License Management
    • Make sure "ext-revisium-antivirus" is listed at License Management page. That shows the license key is ready. Now let’s move on to install the extension on your Plesk instance.
  2. Install ImunifyAV+ extension
    • Log in Plesk
    • Enter Extensions from left side bar.
    • Search for ImunifyAV extension.
    • Click Get it free to install ImunifyAV.
    • Open ImunifyAV after completing the installation.
    • Accept the license agreement
    • Update malware database after the installation.
  3. You may know scan domain for malware.
  4. You may adjust ImunifyAV settings based on your requirement.