Analyzing Plesk Server Disk Space

What is the impact when server disk space is full? Data can't be written to the server such as :-

1. The incoming email will be rejected.

2. The database operation will be down.

3. Not able to upload data to the server through FTP and website's application ( For example, WordPress, Joomla, etc ).

Server disk space example view

Steps to analyze disk usage of server :-

1. Log into Plesk.

2. Enter Server Information function to view top level Disk usage.

3. Scroll to Hard Disk Usage

Steps to analyze Plesk account's usage report :-

1. View Plesk Account's disk usage.

2. At the following page, choose Full Report.

3. Scroll down to Domains section to view disk usage summary.

Steps to narrow down to the Plesk account level disk usage :-

1. Enter Website Statistic.

2. View the disk usage per Plesk account level.

Please engage with our technical support with a billable technical assistance to analyze the disk usage.

The working scope include :-

1. Analyzing Disk Space usage.

2. Provide the Disk Space usage summary. ( What kind of data utilizing high space. )

3. Recomendation to clean up disk space

- Delete unwanted data,

- Upgrade to a higher disk space subscription.

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