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With our email service, you are able to accept messages using an email client such as Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Microsoft Entourage or read it instantly from your smartphone (iPhone, Android and Blackberry).

We allow you to access your email from two most common email protocols in the internet POP and IMAP. They both allow your email client to connect with our server in very different ways.

What is POP?
POP supports simple download-and-delete requirements for access to remote mailboxes. Although most POP clients have an option to leave mail on server after download, e-mail clients using POP generally connect, retrieve all messages, store them on the user's PC as new messages, delete them from the server, and then disconnect.

When you are using POP to communicate with our server, emails that are deleted from the server will not be available on our server for re-retrieval. Some email clients offer a "leave a copy on the server". However, improper configuration of this feature may result in emails not being stored in the server side. Thus, we suggest you to use IMAP whenever possible.

In some our hosting service, junk mail may be routed into a "Spam" folder which is accessible only when you using webmail. This folder is hidden by default if you use IMAP from an email client software. If you are using POP, you may not be aware that there is a potentially quota-full issue because there are thousands junk emails stored on the server side.

What is IMAP?
When you are using IMAP, your email client will display exactly the same contents of your mailbox as they appear on your webmail. There is a possibility to subscribe the "Spam" folder to your email client software, so you can have better view of your email usage.

Wikipedia : Post Office Protocol (POP)
Wikipedia : Internet message access protocol (IMAP)

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