Web Hosting Features Guide

FTP Instructions 

You can start uploading your files using the below IP address:

ftp://(Server IP) 

To view your site using IP, please enter ftp://(Server IP)/~(Username)/ at your browser.

Once your domain name is transferred and working in your browser then you can use a host name of


User name and password are the same as the CPanel.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you upload your files to the PUBLIC_HTML or www directory on the server otherwise they will not be visible on the internet. Also, please be sure that your homepage is saved as an "index" file e.g., index.htm, index.html, etc.

We suggest you to download File Zilla from http://www.filezilla-project.org/ (Download FileZilla client) if you do not already have an ftp client.

Email Instructions > POP3:

You may create email account from your control panel. After an email account is created, you may configure the new email account to your email client (e.g. Outlook, Outlook Express)

POP3 Host Address : mail.(Domain)

SMTP Host Address: mail.(Domain)

Username : The FULL email address that you are picking up from (e.g. info@yourdomain.com).

Password : As specified in your control panel

* Please remember to enable SMTP Authentication.

* Some ISPs have blocked port 25 off, you may use port 587 as alternative SMTP port.

* If your email client cannot accept a @ symbol, then you may replace this with a backslash .

Email Instructions > Webmail:

You may also access Webmail by using URL below:

http://(Server IP) /webmail/

Once your domain name is been transferred and working in your browser successfully then you can connect to your Webmail 

using http://(Domain)/webmail/

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