Setting Up EBiz Mail PRO Full Guide

Setting Up EBiz MailPRO

This is a guide to help you setup your EBiz Mail PRO when you have migrated from another provider

It is important that you have gotten all your email accounts created and you have your Service Server

Hostname ready before proceeding to changing your MX records. 

Below is a sample of where you can get your Service Server Hostname from the EBiz Mail PRO Welcoming Email. 

You will be required to perform this during Step 2 and 3 of the setup process. Take note of the

Product IP Address which will be use to create Zones. 

Replace all Service Server Hostname with as shown in the the example.

Step 1

Change your nameservers. Simply login to the client area

After you have successfully logged in, select Domains >> My Domain >> Select the domain name that is used for your EBiz Mail PRO >> click on the “Tool Icon”  >> Manage Nameservers 

>> Use Custom Nameserver and enter the following nameservers: 




**NOTE: If your domain extension ends with .my and is registered under Exabytes, kindly contact to change your nameservers for you. 

Step 2

Once you have successfully completed Step 1, it is time to manage your Domain DNS. 

From your client area, go to Domain Manage DNS >> Add Zone. Look for your EBiz Mail PRO product in your list and click on Add New Zone.

The Zone Name can be your domain name eg. and you can retrieve your Product IP Address from your EBiz Mail PRO Welcome Email. 

Step 3

Once it is done, you can update your MX records with the following.

  • IN MX 10: Service Server Hostname

  • IN TXT: v=spf1 -all

  • smtp IN CNAME: Service Server Hostname 

  • mail IN CNAME: Service Server Hostname 

  • webmail IN CNAME: Service Server Hostname 


**NOTE: If you are unsure where to get your Service Server Hostname details, please refer back to the top of this article before Step 1. 

Below is an image of how your records should look like. You can follow exactly but be sure to change to your own domain name. 

Note that there is a dot (.) at the end of every entry names

Thank you for your patience! Now, you are fully connected with Exabytes Mail PRO!

Create Email Accounts From The Client Area

Now you can create emails accounts from the client area. You will need to login to the client area via

Proceed to Services >> My Services >> Click on EBiz Mail PRO >>  Click on Active >> Manage Users and Aliases.

**NOTE: You will be required to select the Add Smartermail User to create Smartermail Users. 

Setup Complete!

Congratulations, you have now completed the setup for your EBiz Mail PRO product. To login to your email simply key in or the Email Login URL available in your Welcoming Email into your browser.

Be sure to change to your own domain name. Enjoy!

Here are some other guide to have your email sync up with your phone

Before you proceed, you may want to check if your Activesync is enabled. To do that login to your client area, choose My Product & Services >> Select your EBiz Mail PRO >> Manage SmarterMail Users and Alias >> 

Select User “Edit User” >> Enable Activesync “Yes”

**NOTE: You are required to create a SmarterMail User first before being able to enable your Activesync. 

Configuration Activesync Guide:





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