Sharing sensitive information using secure link

In the process of investigation, there may be times where we may inquire sensitive information such as your Wordpress administrator dashboard password since such information is heavily encrypted on the server. 

In such cases, we would advise that you use as a means to securely share such information with us so that we can efficiently proceed with the investigation of the issue raised. is a web application that allows secure sharing of information. Anything entered into it is securely encrypted and can only be viewed under certain conditions.


The application is easy to use. Simply follow the below steps. 

  1. On your web browser, go to
  2. You will be greeted with a big text box saying "Write your sensitive information..".
    This is where you can enter the information that you need to share with us.
    Below that is a Title field which is optional.

  3. Set the desired values for Lifetime and Max Views.
    Lifetime - Duration in which the secret is accessible. (Recommended 1 day)
    Max views - Number of times the secret can be viewed. (Recommended 3 views)

  4. Tick 'Enable password' and use your Primary Contact email address as the password.
    You can follow the below guide on how to find primary contact email.
    Change Primary Contact Email in Exabytes Billing System : (Malaysia) Support Portal
    Change Primary Contact Email in Exabytes Billing System : Exabytes.SG (Singapore) Support Portal

  5. Finally, click on "Create a Secret Link" whereby you can copy and paste the link in the email to share the secret with us.

To create more secrets, simply click on the "Create New" button and to delete the existing secret, click on the "Delete" button on the bottom right of the screen. 

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