Configuring LiteSpeed Cache plugin

Litespeed cache plugin now have presets to help easily boost your website performance. There are few levels of presets as per below to suit your needs.

Each preset requires increasing amount of field expertise ranging from zero experience to highly experienced from left to right. Below is a simple summary on each of the presets. Essentials - The configuration that should be used on all sites. This requires no DomainKey.From below onwards, all presets require a Domain Key which you can obtain following below guide.

Basic - Set it and forget it experience. Provides a decent boost in performance. 

Advanced - Good for most sites. Low-risk high boost in performance. A perfect balance for performance and stability. 

Aggressive - Requires some knowledge in case something becomes incompatible. Further performance gain from Advanced. 

Extreme - May break some site if not used carefully. Have the best performance of all.

Kindly refer below guide on how to configure it for your Wordpress site. 

  1. Login to your Wordpress admin dashboard. 
  2. Go to Litespeed > Presets. 
  3. Click on "Apply Preset" under the desired Preset level. 

Under History, you will see the preset that has just been configured.

Use restore settings to revert to your last configuration before applying the Preset. 

More information on the presets may refer to the video by LiteSpeed Technologies below.

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