How to Login into Plesk Control panel

There are many options to access and login to your Plesk Control Panel. 

First Option

1. Kindly login to our client billing system.

For MY Client: 

For SG Client:

For US Client:

2. Click on MY SERVICES in your account. 

exabytes billing client portal

3. All your existing service will be shown. 

Choose the service that uses Plesk control panel and click on Manage Product.

click manage product

4. It shall then display the information of the hosting account. 

Next to login to the control panel simply click on Manage My Hosting and you will be redirected to the control panel.

click manage my hosting

Second Option

The second option is to enter the URL with port number. 

Please refer to URL example (https://IPAddress:8443 or https://hostname:8443). 

After this kindly enter your username and password. 

If the entered information is correct, it should be login successfully.

plesk login box

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