SpamExperts Domain Statistics

1.    Enter SPAM Expert dashboard via client area. If user is not familiar with 

       this then may refer to the below guideline:

       (How To Enter SPAM Expert Dashboard) Please click here. 

2.    Click on "Domain Statistics" under "Incoming" category in the navigation bar to proceed.

3.    Now please enter your Timeframe and and remember to click "Show" button.

4.    You can view your "Domain Statistic" now.

        The report will show a breakdown of all email messages categorized into the following:

        - Not Spam Messages: real email delivered

        - Unsure Messages: emails which the system is unsure is spam or not

        - Spam Messages blocked: spam emails

        - Viruses blocked: emails containing dangerous attachments

        - Allowlisted: emails which are allowlisted and delivered

        - Blocklisted: blocklisted email senders which are blocked

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