Enable daily report for each of the protected mailboxes

How do I enable daily report for each of the protected mailboxes ?

1.    Enter SPAM Expert dashboard via client area. If user is not familiar with 

       this then may refer to the below guideline:

       (How To Enter SPAM Expert Dashboard) Please click here. 

2.    Click "Protection Report" under "Reporting" category.

3.    You will see the message as "Automatically activate for all recipients is disabled" by default. 

       Click the "Enable" button next to it and this will mark the system to send out the notification to 

       the protected recipient in daily basis.

By Domain Basis

1.    You could also turn on by domain basis at the SpamExperts dashboard panel. 

       Click on "Protection Report - domain" under "Reporting" to proceed.

2.    Tick on "Report enabled" and enter the email address that you wish to receive the report at the 

       "Recipient Address" text field and configure the rest of the options as per your requirement.

        Remember to click "Update".

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