Set E-Mail Forwarding in WebSite Panel

To Set E-Mail Forwarding in WebSite Panel:

1. Login to your Website Panel via  or through


2.    Under the "Hosting Spaces", click on your Hosting Plan name such as

       "EBiz Plus Windows" or "RW1000 Windows Resseller Plan".

3.    Click on "Accounts" under "POP/IMAP Email" category to proceed.


4.    Select the E-Mail account that you wish to perform this function (eg.

5.    Scroll down and find "Forward Mail to Address" filed, insert the E-Mail address that you wish to forward

       (eg. Remember to click "Save" and mail account is added successfully.


Note:    In this scenario, any e-mail send to will 

             receive a copy by

If you select on "Delete Message on Forward" checkbox, any e-mail send to will receive by and delete from's e-mail account.

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