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With TimeSync, you can let your invitees book a meeting in two ways:

  1. Your user page link: This leads to your main booking page where invitees can get an overview of all your Events and select one to book a meeting, or
  2. Your direct meeting link: This link is to one specific Event.

In this guide, we'll guide you through personalizing the appearance of your direct meeting link.

Personalizing your booking page appearance

From your TimeSync dashboard, select the Event you want to edit by clicking the box.

In the Event set up page, click on the 'Event Details' tab and then 'Advanced Settings'

Further setting options will appear as follows: 

  • Displayed name: The name that will be displayed on the booking page.
  • Layout color: The background color of the booking page.
    • To change the layout color, click on the color hex code and a color panel will appear. You can select a color by moving the picker inside the color panel or typing the color hex code.
  • Logo:The logo that will appear on the booking page.
    • Upload your logo by clicking the 'Upload an Image' button and select a file from your device.
  • Language: Select the language for the booking page.
  • Confirmation page: The page that is shown after an invitee submits a meeting request with you.
  • Branding: Displays Novocall's branding.
    • You can hide Novocall's branding from your booking page (For Pro Plan / Lifetime Deal accounts) by switching the toggle button off.

Once you're done, click on 'Update'. Open your booking page in a separate tab and it should look something like this!

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