How to track smartermail email logs

This knowledgebased is to show how to trace an email SMTP logs and Delivery Logs for incoming and outgoing mail.


To track mail incoming and outgoing on Smartermail only Admin of the server is allowed.

1. Login to Smartermail as admin login

2. Next go to left side and find Troubleshooting

3. Then click on View Logs. 

  • Start and End - The start and end dates for the log files you want to view.
  • Type - The type of log file that you would like to view.
  • Search - Type the words or phrases should be contained in the log files that SmarterMail returns.
  • Type - When searching the logs, you can choose whether to display only lines that match the search definitions or to display related traffic as well. Change this selection from Only Matching Rows to Display Related Traffic in order to display extra data that occurred within the same session.

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