Call Reps Tab in Novocall

Configure your call representatives here.

In the Call Reps tab, you'll be able to set up your call reps, arrange their answering order, enable or disable
'busy mode' and enable round robin rotation.

Set Up Call Reps 

In the call rep section, you'll be able to add more call reps, as well as see and edit your call representative's details.

Next, you can move your call reps around, by navigating to "Settings" > " Call Settings" > "Call Reps" 

Important: From this order, 
  1. Amos will receive the call first.
  2. If Amos does not pick up, or rejects the call, JJ will receive the call next.
  3. If JJ does not pick up, or rejects the call, Han will receive the call next.

Arranging Call Reps

Rearrange your call reps by dragging the rows up and down. 

Round Robin

If you'd like your call reps to be rotated to give a more fair distribution of calls, you could toggle the
Round Robin button. 

Voice Mail Prevention 

This feature makes your call reps press any key before answering a call, to prevent your voice mail
from answering the call. This is when you have voice mail activated.

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