Instant Callback

Create an immediate engagement with customers visiting your website with instant callbacks

The main feature of Novocall is its Instant Callback feature. 

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How Does It Work? 

1 - Widget Appears

When a lead or customer clicks on the callback widget, they'll be prompted for an instant callback by inputting their phone number.

2 - Automatic call to your company call reps 

Once customer's phone number is entered, Novocall rings your company call reps. 

3- Once answered, Novocall rings your customers

Once a call rep answers, Novocall will call your customer. This happens in a span of 30 seconds. 

4 - After call, a personalized SMS will be sent to the customer


  • Instantly detects and engaged interested visitors
  • Reduces inbound response time
  • Increases sales calls
  • Increase website conversion


What if my first agent doesn't answer? 

Novocall will attempt to connect with next available rep, according to your call roster.

Is there a way to rotate my call reps? 

There'll be a round robin feature to enable. 
What this means is that after the first call rep has answered, he/she will be pushed to the bottom of the order.

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