About Cloudflare Mobile Redirect

What does Cloudflare's mobile redirect service do?

The mobile redirect service automatically redirects mobile device visitors to a mobile-optimized subdomain home page.

The redirect is done at the edge of Cloudflare's network, improving the user experience by eliminating a roundtrip to your server -- especially valuable on mobile networks.

All mobile traffic to example.com (the root/zone apex) and www.example.com is redirected to the mobile-optimized home page. Those records (root and www) must have Cloudflare's performance service enabled ("orange cloud" in the DNS Settings) for the redirect to be active.

Who can use the mobile redirect service?

The service is available to any domain signed up directly through Cloudflare on any of our plans.

The service can be enabled within Cloudflare Settings > Performance tab.

Initially, the mobile redirect service is not available to domains signed up through hosting partners. Want to be notified when it is? Let us know.

How do I enable the mobile redirect service?

The mobile redirect option can be found under the Speed section after logging into your Cloudflare Account.

Will this apply to tablets like the iPad or Android tablets?

No, at this time tablets user agents will not match and trigger the mobile redirect feature. This is by design.

What are the mobile devices detected?

Browsers from the following mobile devices are redirected to the mobile-optimized subdomain:

  • iPhone
  • Android
  • iPod
  • Blackberry
  • Palm
  • Mobile
  • Windows CE
  • Opera mini
  • AvantGo
  • Docomo

ADVANCED - How do I disable the mobile redirect for customers who want the full site on their mobile device?

To disable the mobile redirect, you'll need to set the value of the following cookie on the root domain only to 0 (zero). 

__cf_mob_redir = 0; domain=.example.com

Replace .example.com in this example with your root domain.

To renew the mobile redirect, delete the cookie, or set it to expire after whatever duration you choose.

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