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How to manage e-mail disk usage in cPanel

This article will depict on how to view and manage e-mail disk space usage in cPanel

With this feature, you can delete messages from accounts that match a set of specific criteria.


1)  Login to cPanel via 

If you do not know how to login to your cPanel account , may refer to this step.

2) In the EMAIL section of the cPanel home screen, click Email Disk Usage

3) On the Email Disk Usage page,  select the e-mail account you want to view from the Account list combo box :

4) For each folder in the e-mail account, you can view the following statistics:

  • The number of messages.
  • The disk usage amount.

5) To free disk space, under Actions, click Manage.

6) Under Messages to delete, select one of the following filters to use for the messages you want to delete:

  • 1 year old or more: This option deletes any messages that are older than one year.
  • 30 MB in size or more: This option deletes any messages that are 30 MB or larger.
  • Previously viewed: This option deletes any messages that have already been opened.
  • All messages: This option deletes all of the messages in the folder.
  • Custom query: This option enables you to use Dovecot search queries to select specific sets of messages. For example, you can select all messages that contain a specific word in the subject line, all messages that are more than a week old, etc.


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