I can't access cPanel. What should I do?

Below are the common errors encountered while accessing to the cPanel

1) Invalid login credentials error

- This error closely related to having input invalid login details while logging to the cPanel. Shall you have forgotten the login credentials , feel free to reset them and the instructions available in the article titled "How Do I reset my cPanel password from client area?"

2) "Connection timed out" error which possibly caused by: 

a) local IP being blocked by the server 

Solution: May browse to https://whatismyipaddress.com/  and provide your local IP and domain name to support@exabytes.my so we could further investigate.

b) Maintenance on the server or service disruption

Solution: May provide the domain name and screenshot of the error encountered to 

support@exabytes.my so we could further investigate.

c) Domain is not pointed to the hosting server

Solution: If you cannot access your cPanel using domain-based URLs like http://abc.com/cpanel or http://cpanel.abc.com, check if the domain is pointed to the hosting server properly (either using Nameserver records or by A record).

Sample DNS tool : https://intodns.com/ 

If your domain is registered with a third-party registrar, contact their support and ask to change the nameservers for your domain to the ones specified in your Your Hosting Account Details from the Welcome email.

If your domain is using Domain Registrar’s default nameservers and is pointed to the hosting server via IP address, make sure the IP is the correct one. You can check the IP from cPanel >> Server Information menu or from the Welcome Email in the Account Information section.

d) DNS propagation

When you change nameservers for a domain name, these changes are not accepted instantly all over the world. It may take up to 24 to 72 hours for local ISPs to update their DNS caches so that everyone can see your website. 

As such during propagation period, The domain based URLs like http://abc.com/cpanel or http://cpanel.abc.com will not work.

Therefore you can access cPanel via http://servername/cpanel. Servername can be found in Your Hosting Account Details from the Welcome email.

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