What happens after I purchase a web hosting?

Once you receive a confirmation that your order has been successful, our customer service team shall activate the hosting account.

Upon activation, you will receive a "Welcome Email" from our customer service department where in this email it shall contains all the details about the subscribed hosting account therefore please always check for the email in both Inbox and Junk folder as well.

Once you have received the Welcome Email , please test the login details by accessing to the cPanel , shall there is any problem encountered please do not hesitate to reach us via support@exabytes.my for further assistance. 

Once you have successfully login to the cPanel account , please proceed to change the password immediately.

Next you may start creating email accounts for email communication purpose. 

There are many options to upload the web files to the hosting account:

Option 1 - Create a FTP account and upload files via FTP Client (File Zilla)

Option 2 - Upload files via File Manager 

Option 3 - Install application using auto installer Softaculous


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