How to Add TXT Record in WHM Control Panel

This article is applicable to the reseller who has subscribed to our Linux Reseller hosting.

1.    Login to your WHM Control Panel.

2.    At the left side menu, you may click DNS Functions follow by Edit DNS Zone.  

3.    In "Edit DNS Zone" select on the domain name that you wish to edit the record for and select on "Edit".

4.    In this option, you may find all the current DNS record for the domain and to add the new TXT record,

       you may just proceed to "Add New Entries Below this Line"

5.    Add the domain name in the first blank text box, and in the "Select" option may choose

  for "TXT" and in the "Text Information" text box, may add in the valid txt record.


  ** Do take note that you will need to include the symbol " " in between of the data.

6.    Final step you might click Save to completely save your changes.

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