Launching cPanel in WHM Control Panel

There are several methods to launching cPanel from the WHM Control Panel.

Methods list below


Method 1:

1.    Login into your WHM Control Panel.

2.    At the first page, click List Accounts. If unable to find in please search in WHM search bar at left side menu.

3.    After reaching the List Accounts page, you may select your account that you want to open in

cPanel by clicking the cPanel icon under the cPanel column.

4.    Finally, you will reach your cPanel page.

Method 2:

1.    At the browser URL bar by default WHM Control Panel is [] or 

[] with the port number 2086/2087(SSL). To launch cPanel, you have

to change the port to cPanel port number which is 2082/2083(SSL) []

or [].

2.    Next, you will reach the cPanel Login page, and you may enter your Username and Password.

3.    Finally, by using the second method you also get the same result.

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