How to create Content Filtering Rules in Smartermail v16(to filter email from certain email address)

This article will show you the steps on how to create content filtering rules to delete the email which is sent from specific email address.

In order to create the rules which can be applied for all the email accounts under the same domain, you may need to create the rules using administrator account. Please submit a ticket request to for granting domain administrator account. 

Next, please login to using administrator account

1. Select Domain Setting as below attachment:

2. Select content filtering on left and select New

3. The below will be a sample of a content filtering.

Filtering name: Filter By Email

Conditions: From specific email matches

Action: Move to Junk E-mail

Click Save

Note 1: User may always play around with the condition and action to achieve the best filtering for user domain. 

Note 2: User are advise to move the email to Junk E-mail before select Discard Messages and monitor for few weeks to check if there is any legitimate being filtered by the filtering rules.

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