WHOIS Contact Details update for Top Level Domain Name

Here are some examples of top-level domain (TLD) extensions:

  1. .com - Commercial
  2. .org - Organization (typically non-profit)
  3. .net - Network
  4. .biz - Business
  5. .info - Information

Starting from December 1, 2016, ICANN began enforcing a new "Domain Transfer Policy" that modifies the process of changing domain ownership from one registrant to another. 

Every time a change of registrant occurs, this policy initiates a series of confirmation and approval emails. Notably, even simple updates to a registrant's first name, last name, organization, or email address on a top level domain will trigger the same set of notification and confirmation emails.

(1) Please DO NOT update your Whois contact details if you plan to transfer your domain name away from us (Exabytes), as it will trigger a 60-day Domain Transfer Lock, during which your domain will be completely locked by registry.
(2) Please DO NOT update your Whois contact details if your current registrant contact email is no longer valid.

Do any of these conditions apply to you? If so, kindly contact us at domain@exabytes.sg for assistance with your Whois contact details update.

Otherwise, please follow the steps below to change registrant contact for your domain name.

  1. Log into the Billing System at the following URL:


  2. Click on 'DOMAINS' >> 'My Domains'  and select the domain name that needs the details amendment.

  3. Click on the vertical 3 dots (...) next to the domain status and select the 'Edit Contact Information'. 

  4. Update the contact details and click the 'Save Changes'.

  5. After the changes, an email with the subject: “Change Of Registrant For Domain Name” will be sent to the new registrant email. [For email with the subject: Your_Domain update contact e-mail verification, may refer HERE for next steps]

  6. Open the email and follow the instructions within 7 days. This may include clicking on a link to proceed or cancel the change. (*Note: The verification link is only valid for 7 days.)

  7. After clicking the link, you will see an agreement titled "Change Of Registrant Request - Domain Name."

  8. Click 'Accept Trade' to confirm the changes, or 'Do not Accept Trade' to reject them. 

  9. Once the new registrant clicks 'Accept Trade', an email verification will be sent to the old registrant email. The old registrant must also verify and approve the changes. 

  10. The registrant transfer is completed when both the new and old registrants receive an email confirmation with the subject 'DOMAIN CONTACT UPDATE CONFIRMATION EMAIL (OLD/NEW REGISTRANT).'

    Please contact our Domain Department at domain@exabytes.sg if you need any further assistance.

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