How to reset a cPanel Account Password

With WHM/cPanel, you might want to reset your cPanel password for purposes such as lost login or routine security for best practice. You can do so from both the WHM & cPanel accounts. This article discusses various methods in resetting cPanel passwords.

Method 1: From WHM Home » Account Information » List Accounts : 

Select your cPanel account, and next to the account, you can drop down settings with " +, " from there, you see the option to " Change Password," and you can input your new password.

Method 2: From cPanel Home » Preferences » Password & Security :

You will need to input the Old Password, followed by the New password. Once you fill out these fields and make sure the password is passing the required strength. Further then click "Change you password now!" to reset the password.

Note: Changing your password, you will end your current session. And be required to log in, once again with the new password.


Method 3: From cPanel Login Page : 

To reset your cPanel account password from the login page, enter your cPanel's URL in a browser and click Reset Password.

You will then need to input the cPanel username and also the contact email address. Further then click Send Security Code and cPanel will send the security to the register contact email address. Lastly, input the security code that you received and click Submit. You can then Enter your new password in the New Password text box, confirm your password and click Set Password to complete the password reset.

Note: If you do not specify a Contact Email Address, the system displays a fake contact email address when you attempt to reset your password. Also, you must use the same browser session that you used when you initiated the password reset request.

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