Create your first email marketing campaign

How to create your first email marketing campaign?

1. Start by creating a contact list by referring KB: Importing your contacts into EBuzzzz Pro

2. Setup your campaign

Campaign name: Give your campaign a name; it will only be visible to you and is only used for organizing your campaigns. It will not be visible to your recipients.

Subject: The subject line is one of the most important email settings. A good subject line will positively impact your open rates and deliverability (avoiding spam). Choose a subject that clearly describes your email content.

From name: The 'From Name' appears in your recipient's inbox to identify you as the message sender. Its purpose is to build trust with recipients and generate more openings. The default value is the company name provided in your EBuzzzz profile [DEFAULT_FROM_NAME]. 

To change the Default From Name, go to the Settings tab inside Campaigns and modify it in Default Settings.

Sender email: Helps your recipients recognize you as the message sender, so it is just as important as the "From name". The default value is your account email address. Don't forget that you can change the sender email by updating it in this field.

3: Design your email

Note: Your profile must be completed to send or schedule your campaign.

You can choose between three tools to build your email:

  • Drag & Drop Editor: Create a mobile-friendly (responsive) email by dragging and dropping text blocks, images, buttons and other design elements to create a beautiful email.
  • Rich Text Editor: Create simple text emails using a WYSIWYG (What-you-see-is-what-you-get) editor.
  • Paste Your Code: Paste your own HTML code, which should be created by a design professional.

4: Choose your recipients

Now you can choose which contacts will receive your email.

Step 4: Send or schedule your campaign

You have three choices:

  • Send it now (Note: your first campaign will send once your account has been validated.)
  • Schedule for a specific time
  • Send it at the best time - select a date and let EBuzzzz send at the optimal time to engage each contact. 

Done! once your campaign has been sent, you can monitor your results by visiting your Dashboard or Statistics Tab.

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