[COMPLETED] Services Disruption - Selected Linux Shared Servers

Date : 10th May 2019
Time :  11:00 AM SGT +0800

Service Disruption Update:

The distributed  denial of service (DDOS) attack on the affected servers is resolved. And  the servers and all services now resume their operations without any  noticeable service impact.


Date : 10th May 2019
Time : 07:00 AM SGT +0800

Affected Servers: 

ssv01-ivysaur.mschosting.com - 

ssv03-sh-rattata.sgcloudhosting.com  -

ssv03-blastoise.sgcloudhosting.com -

Service Disruption Update :

Our concerned team is noticed that a huge incoming distributed denial of service (DDOS) attacks on the affected servers.

The incoming and outgoing from the International traffic to this servers IP has been blocked currently to maintain the network stability. 

What is DDos attack?
Incoming traffic from many different source flood victim and cause the site/server not response on time with other validate request.

Also a server ssv03-blastoise.sgcloudhosting.com - is detected the incoming distributed denial of service (DDOS) attack. 

Please refer the above affected servers list.


Dear Valued Clients, 

Date : 10th May 2019
Time : 03:30 AM SGT +0800

*** Only client's hosting services hosted on the below-affected servers will be affected ***

Affected Servers: 

ssv01-ivysaur.mschosting.com - 

ssv03-sh-rattata.sgcloudhosting.com  -

Service Disruption Details :

Our monitoring system has detected that all services on the affected servers are not responding. Our concerned team is checking and working on the servers. 

We will perform a details, check on the affected servers, then post another update once it becomes available.

Service Disruption Affects :
During the service disruption period all services for this server will not be available.

Best Regards,

Support Team

Technical Support Department