[COMPLETED] Service Disruption - clefairy -

Date : 1st Sept 2018

Time : 08:00 PM SGT

Service Disruption Update:

Our team have allowed all TCP and blocked all UDP of this server. All Services will not resume their operation without any noticeable service impact.


Date : 1st Sep 2018
Time : 08:30 AM MYT +0800


Service Disruption Details :

Mitigation still in process we will update the announcement once we get update from our upstream provider.



Date : 31st Aug 2018

Time : 07:30 PM SGT



*** Only clients hosted on clefairy server will be affected ***

Service Disruption Details :

We have noticed a huge incoming distributed denial of service (DDOS) attack on the server.


The incoming and outgoing from the International traffic to this server IP: has been blocked currently to maintain the network stability.


What is DDos attack?
Incoming traffic from many different source flood victim and cause the site/server not response on time with other validate request.

Service Disruption Affects :

All services are not available to International visitors for this server and sorry for the inconvenience caused.


Best Regards,
Support Team,  
Technical Department