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[COMPLETED] Scheduled Server Maintenance - Security update on Selected Servers

Date: 10th May 2023
Time: 11:30PM SGT

Server Maintenance Update:

The scheduled security patching to strengthen server performance  has been completed on affected servers. All services on the server will now resume their operation without any noticeable services impact.


Dear valued clients,

Date: 10th May 2023
Time: 11:00PM SGT
ETA: 2 hours

Downtime: 30 minutes each server

Affected Server: 

Maintenance Details:

We will schedule security update to strengthen server security. Server reboot action will be arranged after patching to accomplish entire patching process.

Maintenance Affects:

Server reboot action is needed to accomplish the security deployment. All  services referring to this server will be unavailable during the maintenance window.

Best Regards,

Support Team