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[COMPLETED] Scheduled Server Maintenance - [] Smartermail Update

Date : 25th April 2020
Time : 5:30 AM SGT

Maintenance Update: 

Smartermail update process completed successfully on the server ahead of scheduled. Mail services will now resume their operation without any noticeable services impact.  


Dear Valued Customers,

Date : 25th April 2020
Time : 4:00 AM SGT
ETA : 2 hours

*** Only client mail service hosted under server will be affected *** 

Maintenance Details:

To keep the mail service continue host under optimum and secure state, we will arrange to update Smartermail version on the aforementioned date.


Maintenance Affects:

During the maintenance window, Smartermail service will not be available.



Best Regards, 


Support Team 


Technical Support Department