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Getting started with Webhosting

Getting Started


Welcome to Signetique's hosting services. As one of the pioneer and leading hosts in Asia, we are well positioned to help you succeed in your internet projects. Before you can point your website and emails to us, there are a few things you need to prepare and this article will help you to do just that.

Log in to your server control panel

Your account is provisioned with the Plesk Control Panel which you can use to manage all aspects of your hosting account with us. The first thing you need to do when you receive your account information is to login to the Plesk control panel to familiarise yourself with the features it provides.

Uploading your website

To upload your website to our servers, you will need a FTP software. You can get a free FTP software from Filezilla website.

Once you have the FTP software, please read this article to learn how to FTP to your server.

Once your site is uploaded, you can preview it by following these steps.

The publicly visible Web files are stored in the "httpdocs" directory of your account. In any Web directory, the server looks for default files named:

index.htm or index.html

Creating Email Accounts

If you are transferring hosts, please ensure that all your current email addresses have been created on our server before pointing your DNS to us. This will ensure that emails are not lost. To create the email accounts, please login to the Plesk Control Panel and click on the Email tab. This video tutorial provides step by step instructions on how to setup email accounts on Plesk.

Please allow up to 2 hours before using a newly created or edited email account. We have implemented stringent SPAM filtering and mitigation procedures that require time to propagate.

Web-based email

You can access your email online using your favourite browser. You can access your web-based email here:

(Please replace "" with your domain name.)

Please login with your FULL email address and password.

Configuring email client

After creating your email account above, you can now configure your favourite email client to accept emails. Please click here to see details steps to configure your email client.

Setting your website/emails live

We have come to the most exciting part. Once you are satisfied that your website is displaying correctly on our server and email accounts have been created, you are now ready to go live! If you are transferring hosts, you need to find out who is your domain registrar. Log into your domain registrar's control panel and find out where you are able to update 'Name Servers'.

Important: Name servers will take anywhere from 2 hours to 48 hours to be fully propagated. As far as possible, try to update the name servers during off peak hours. During propagation, some emails may still be routed to the old server, so having access to your old server is still important.

You can find our name servers information below.

Our name servers support both IPv4 and IPv6. Here are our name servers detail :

IPv4 :


This required if you have an existing domain registered with another registrar. If you registered your domain name through us, it is already pointed to our name servers and no further action is needed.

Customer Support

We understand that you need a support team that reachable 24 x 7 and in a various ways.

  • Phone support

    You can speak with our experienced support personnel at 1800-HOSTING or (+65) 6225 1468.

  • Email support

    For further information or questions regarding Web Hosting services, please direct your email to or click here.

  • Live Chat

    Please visit to initiate a live chat with our friendly support team members on duty.

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